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Qufu saint food co., LTD. The main products:Pork meat、The streaky、The pig bone before、Pig's feet、The pig tail!

         Qufu saint food co., LTD,Is the pig fixed-point slaughtering enterprises in shandong province,The company covers an area of50Mu,The registered capital500Ten thousand yuan,Has the fixed asset5000Ten thousand yuan,Is the agricultural industrialization key leading enterprise in shandong province,Qufu civilization good faith demonstration enterprise。
         Company is mainly engaged in slaughtering pigs、Meat production,Cold chain logistics and distribution business。The company built600Tons of meat import and export of the standard library at low temperature、The production workshop、The quarantine office、Office buildings、The living quarters、And other corresponding freight yard facilities,And the annual slaughtering30Ten thousand pigs in the assembly line,Registered trademark: “Kong Yan”Series products are well received by customers at home and abroad。

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Fried Spare Rib
Fillet class
Head hoof
The pig in his leg
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Pork to identify common sense
      The male、The mother of pork nutrition is poor,No fragrance。More serious is the mother of pork contain harmful material of the body——Immunoglobulin,Especially give birth before the sow content is higher......
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How to identify different parts of the pork
      Different parts of the pork meat,Generally can be divided into four。Super:Pork meat;Level 1:Loin,Hind legs meat;Level 2:Front leg meat,The streaky;Level 3.....
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How to identify whether fresh pork
      Do you know how dirty a piece of raw meat?But,After you come back to buy meat,Don't rinse under the tap! Many Chinese people think can't eat raw meat......
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How to identify“Clenbuterol”Pork
      Clenbuterol is white or white crystalline powder,Odourless、Bitter taste,Some farmers to make pork does not grow fat,In the feed mixed with clenbuterol。Hogwash after use in the metabolic process......
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