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       The prius rubber industry co., LTD. Is a set of independent research and development、Design、The test、Production、Sales for the integration of rubber industry products enterprises,In order to produce seal products used in every field、And different functional rubber products。The company mainly producesORing、XRing、Rubber ball、Combined sealing washer、EDFlat washers,All kinds of special-shaped pieces of rubber。According to the material consists of:Nitrile rubber、Fluorine rubber、Silicone rubber,Epdm and so on;Mainly divides into according to the use:Axis、Hole sealing ring。Rubber are all imported collagen material used in the production,There isNBR、FKM、SIL、EPDMSuch as development and innovation for many years、In the spirit of practical and keep the stability of quality,Pursuit of continuous progress has been uphold the principle of the prius。From the beginning simple properties of the sealing ring production to now can produce special size、Material of the seals,Also enlarged the product of the item,To meet the needs of market diversification。As a collection of research and development、Production、The sale in a body's modernized enterprise,The company has a professional product research and development testing center、Over eighty sets of advanced production and testing equipment、Modern automatic warehouse;We continue to study products and updates,For raw materials formula repeated experiments,In order to achieve the best sealing performance,To ensure product quality and usability of perfection。

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       Powerful technical strength of research and development center,Advanced mold processing technology;

       Powerful seal mold base,Currently has18000Vice mould;

       Powerful seal inventory spot,Modern automatic warehouse;

       Strong professionalERPMaintenance、Research and development staff,Optimize management system;

       A strong management team,Various training and exchange on a regular basis,Improve the leadership functions;

       The aim of the prius rubber industry co., LTD:People-oriented,All we have is a worldwide system has excellent brand and service。By the system,Our authorized dealer can turn with business partners'Satisfied with it'With'Value'Passed to the customers and consumers。To provide customers with high quality、Valuable products,At the same time provide service and information value,Make our customers make informed、Responsible choices,Meet the requirements of our customers,To business success in the end。


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oRing section

ORing(O-rings)Rubber seal is a kind of cross section is circular,Because of its cross sectionOType,So calledOType rubber sealing ring,Also calledORing。Function and reliable,And simple installation requirements,ORing is the most common seal with mechanical design。

XRing section

XType sealing ring is also called star seal ring,Is a kind of both can be installed in a dedicated to reduce friction smaller compression ratio in the groove,But it also can be used in the same specificationOIn the ring grooves。

EDCircle cross section figure

EDAs the pipe joint、Hydraulic plug、Transition joints, pneumatic hydraulic joint special-purpose seals。The elastomer seals used as axial static seal,Application in mouth of thread compound and the screw end,The cross section at high pressure is nearly constant。

Composite gasket cross section figure

Composite gasket has two kinds of metric and imperial dimensions,There are standardJB982-77Prescribed forms of composition of composite pad metal gasket and rubber。Composite gasket for pipe fittings and screw thread seal。

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Company's main:ORing、The star turn、EDCircle、Rubber ball、Composite gasket、Oil seal、All kinds of special-shaped rubber