Kunming steel holdings co., LTD(Hereinafter referred to as steel)Was built in1939Years,Formerly known as China's steel mills and steel mills of yunnan electric power system,After years of transformation development,Has been gradually formed by a single steel manufacturing enterprise combining traditional industries and emerging industries of modern enterprise group,Main business including iron and steel metallurgy、The modern logistics、New material、Equipment manufacturing、Energy conservation and environmental protection、Cement building materials、Coal tar chemical industry、Mining development、Cultural tourism、Real estate home buyers、Keeping in good health to respect、The electronic commerce、The financial services industry,Is a Chinese enterprise500One of the strong。

In recent years,Kunming steel seriously implement the central committee、The state council on promoting the supply side structural reforms、Dissolve excess capacity decision deployment,According to the requirements put forward by the yunnan provincial government,Continue to earnestly implement to production、Go to the inventory、To leverage、Cost reduction、For short five tasks,The all-round optimization of stock、Guide the increment、Reduction and work actively,Vigorously implement the development strategy of innovation drive,To speed up the industrial structure adjustment,To develop new industries,Achieve good results。[In more detail...]