The machine tool-Su hai teng machine tool co., LTD
  Su hai teng machine tool co., LTD. Is a has been approved by the relevant departments of the state registration of enterprises。Is located in known as“Thorough fares of nine provinces ,Great eye”Known as the hometown of mozi---Tengzhou city,Is a key in our city the focus of the equipment research and production of drilling and milling machine tool… In more detail>>
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  Service in the vines of the sea,Is not a simple maintenance,It is the last link of product sales,Is the first link in the process of product development,It throughout the product development、Design、Manufacturing and pre-sale、Sale、After the whole process of enterprise business activities
  Through technical innovation and management innovation,Lean production、Scientific control,Improve the product quality and quality management system。According to the new customer requirements,Constantly improve the quality of products and services,And reflect the quality of the concrete target。
  The humanist management idea——We put our employee's safety and health for the enterprise to Mr Samaras,Do our utmost to guarantee employees' health and safety,Enjoy the achievement of enterprise development。
Su hai teng machine tool co., LTD
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