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The experimental furnace (68)
Atmosphere furnace series
Tube furnace series
Box high temperature furnace series
The pit type furnace series
Back converter series
Lifting furnace series
Vacuum furnace series
Bell type furnace series
High temperature car furnace series
Annealing furnace (7)
Sapphire annealing furnace
Vacuum furnace (17)
Vacuum tubes furnace
Vacuum tungsten wire furnace
Vacuum hot pressing furnace
Vacuum sintering furnace
Vacuum melting furnace
Vacuum furnace atmosphere
Oven equipment (22)
Oven series
Assembly line oven
Environmental testing equipment (44)
Large chamber Aging room series
High and low temperature box series
The salt fog box Salt spray testing machine
High-pressure accelerated life testing machine PCT Machine
Ultraviolet aging tester
The coating equipment (53)
Sprayer+Electrostatic generator
Spray elevator.Reciprocating engine
Spray gun
Spraying line Coating production line
Spray powder recovery+Spray powder room
Powder recovery system
Electric control cabinet
Dust filter+Accessories
Spray fuel oven


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 Our factory is developed、Development、ProductionThe furnace atmosphereHigh temperature furnaceTube furnace、Vacuum furnace、Special furnace professional manufacturers。The main products are electric box furnace、Box-type furnace atmosphere、Tube furnace、Pit type furnace、Lift the furnace、Bell type furnace、The furnace atmosphere、Fill nitrogen oven、High temperature aging equipment, etc,The reliable temperature control instrument and integrated electrical
Gas control,Chamber of a stove or furnace all use fine high temperature ceramic fiber products,Compared with similar products have warming faster,Heat preservation performance is good,Widely used in ceramics、Chemical industry、Electrons、Metallurgy、Glass sintering、The development of new materials、Developed refractory materials、Frit formula test,Used in building materials、Machinery、Special material and other industries as well as the colleges and universities
The physical and chemical test of well received by new and old customers。

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The electric box furnace360Site navigation safetySapphire annealing furnaceHigh temperature furnace Drying ovenTube furnace The furnace atmosphere
Laser welding machine accessories
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