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    Sun yao bamboo stone co., LTD is located in jiangbei stone first industrial park--The king wulian Tuan stone industrial park。Wulian is rich in wulian infrared dry hanging wall,Five lotus,Wulian red,Roadside stone granite,All kinds of granite vision reserves of ore bodies50Billion cubic meters。Wulian county now has all kinds of stone processing factory1000Several,Board processing in tens of millions of square meters、Luyandan tens of meters,Logistics team and government policy support,Account for days、The right place、 And,Make wulian county town street"The first town of jiangbei stone"。Our factory perennial processing of five lotus,Wulian red,The kerb,Special-shaped carving, etc。
    The plate series:Wulian infrared dry wall hangs Taiwan、Wulian red burning board、Five lotus blind plate、Stair step plate、Groove plate、Machine plane plate、Chop axe plate、The project board、Wulian red window、Circular plate, etc。
    Stone series:Wulian red luyandan、The corner stone、Wulian red stone on the side of the road、The stone steps、Stone flower bed、The mushroom stone、Capstone, etc。
    Special-shaped sculpture:A reminder、The ball、Under the column、Water perforated strainer、A flower pot、Five lotus wind water polo、All kinds of animals、Figure carvings, etc。
    Product characteristics:Wulian infrared dry hanging wall、Giant block wulian red stone of the addresses,In length1-20In rice,Also can be customized processing。
    The processing of wulian red、Five lotus、Roadside stone products very suitable for indoor decoration、Outdoor paving、Dry hanging wall, etc,A large number of real estate project、Municipal engineering、Road construction、The dosage of the old city reconstruction and other projects。
    Our factory has been adhering to the for many years "Good faith" "Work seriously" The management idea,Won the unanimous approval and trust of customers。In the development of the stone under the new situation,China is willing to work with the stone stone friends,Work together、And win-win situation、Common development!
    The factory director wang manager with the staff enthusiasm look forward to the general new old customers came to negotiate、Cooperation!


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Sun yao bamboo stone co., LTD
Contacts:Manager wang
The phone:13963053520
Address:The king wulian Tuan industrial park phase ii