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   Henan huacheng office furniture co., LTD,Headquarters is located in“Imperial city in one thousand,Peony huacheng”Luoyang marina area pang village industrial park,From the world cultural heritage——Longmen grottoes10Kilometers,Zheng west high speed railway and highway320Highway ring factory,With207、310National highway,Huo、Two widely、Zheng Shaoluo highway,Los(Ning)Suppress(T)Fast channel and longhai、From zhichi JiaoZhi railway,The geographical position is superior,The transportation is convenient;Is engaged in File cabinet 、 File cabinet 、 ***Ark 、 Shoe ark 、 Express ark And so on Office furniture , Shelves 、 A bookcase 、 Shelves 、 Magazine rack Such as storage devices, Bunk bed 、 Your desk 、 The desks and chairs Such as the school with equipment,Medical bed, Safe Financial insurance such as tank design、Production and sales of professional large-scale enterprises,At present the company in the industry***Status。   At present,The factory covers an area of enterprises7.2Million square meters,The registered capital1One hundred million yuan,The total investment1.5One hundred million yuan,The worker589More than one,The engineer28Name,***Management personnel65Name;Company paid1000In more than ten thousand yuan***The introduction of Italian sarwar Ninevehsalvagnini P4XeFull automatic flexible sheet metal processing center ,Advanced sheet metal assembly line three(Contain large nc, and other major domestic production equipment more than hundred),Fully automatic large thirteen station pretreatment electrostatic spray line two。       Industrial zone has passedISO9001:2000And quality management systemISO14001Environmental management system certification as wellGB/T28001Occupational health and safety management system certification。"Huacheng"Card file data, etc2001—2003For three consecutive years by the national quality supervision office supplies
China's custom furniture business
China's custom furniture business In recent years, China's a furniture store***The rapid growth of custom furniture is a big trend,Custom furniture market acceptance increase year by year,To rush to waste......
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Create a huacheng characteristics Huacheng forever famous brand
Brand culture

“Huacheng”From the brand culture connotation《The peony》In the“The world famous flowers several in luoyang,Open a garden city fang”,

It is to be recalled the kao peony,To excel in the office furniture industry、Yong as a giant。

“Huacheng”Using the green diamond box trademark contains red“Huacheng”With the words,The implied meaning“Huacheng”Flower stands on evergreen bush,Proudly blooming,The implied meaning“Huacheng”Product excellence,Dominant。

"Huacheng" brand culture connotation from "Yin" in the world "peony flowers in Luoyang, a park open Mancheng fang",

It is the pressure to do crown Qunfang Kao peony, in the office furniture industry, as a giant rise above the common herd.

"Huacheng" trademark with a green diamond shaped box containing red "Huacheng" word, meaning "Huacheng" flowers

towering green leaves, blossom loftily, meaning "Huacheng" product excellence, champion.